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Jiji Sellers Experience Growth In Sales Even During Recession

A period of recession is one of the most dreaded events that could happen to an economy. Prices of products and services start to skyrocket,  purchasing power decreases, companies begin to downsize, loans go bad, investments turn to losses and a lot more unfortunate incidents take place. 

The recent recession in Nigeria was no different. However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for everyone as some Nigerians actually benefited from the economic downturn. These Nigerians happen to be sellers on Nigeria’s No. 1 online marketplace, Jiji.
As the recession grew,  Nigerians began to cut back on spending and search for avenues where they could purchase goods and services at cheaper and more affordable prices and became an instant favorite. Sellers on Jiji are able to offer products at great prices because they are allowed to post ads for free with the Jiji App and they are charged no commissions.


Jiji also permits bargaining from buyers meaning sellers were able to bend and agree to prices which buyers were generally able to pay. The volume of sales and instant recoup of cash also then made it possible for sellers to quickly turn stock into cash and scale up. It was these reasons and more which cushioned the effect of the recession on the 100,000+ sellers on Jiji.

Yetunde Coker a seller on Jiji stated, ‘I really do not know how I would have managed without the help of Jiji. During the past year I enjoyed a lot of patronage and sales which I have been able to connect to both the increasing popularity of Jiji and perhaps the effects of the recession. Interestingly, at some point in time I got contacted by some suppliers outside the country who were well aware of the economic situation in Nigeria and had got my number on Jiji offering to supply me clothes in wholesale and at discounted prices. Taking into consideration all the things I have benefited from Jiji, I can’t help but be completely grateful.’

Yuliy Shenfeld, Country Manager of Jiji Nigeria, also gave his take, ‘The recession was such an unfortunate and regrettable event and it was a bit depressing at times seeing the hardships Nigerians went through. The news that some Nigerians were actually able to find welfare on our platform is a bit of a rainbow over a dark cloud. At Jiji we will not relent in our efforts of providing an effective and rewarding platform to our sellers and being the one stop destination for buyers searching for quality and affordable products. We hope Nigerians continue to embrace and trust in our ability to help boost their businesses in terms of sales and revenue’

You too can enjoy the many conveniences that come with selling on Jiji! Simply click here to create an online shop and begin making more sales and profit than you had thought was possible. Be sure to also follow Jiji on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get tips on how to make money, get more customers and to stand a chance of winning freebies in the weekly giveaway contests. 

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