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Limited working hours, unlimited income!
Join the Jiji sales team

Within the space of just two years, has quickly grown to become Nigeria’s  No.1 online marketplace having millions monthly visits and over 100,000 sellers across all categories. The Jiji app also got the highest rating from Google Play store users and became the No.1 downloaded app in the shopping category. 
This quick rise has been a testament to the Jiji’s committed and professional workforce of 200+ staff across Nigeria, impeccable customer satisfaction and service which Nigerians have embraced. You now have the chance to contribute to your growth and that of Jiji by joining the Jiji sales team!

Salesmen are the lifeblood of every organisation and are pivotal in generating revenue, boosting the efforts of the marketing team, managing relationships with clients and thus have a huge say in the success of an organisation. No other workforce in a company is able to climb up the corporate ladder as quickly and deservingly as staff of the sales department. 

The Jiji Nigeria sales team is one which puts you in a position of being your own boss and making as much money as you possibly can imagine albeit based on the efforts you put in. Those who are able to exert themselves and excel are quickly singled out and rewarded but it’s important to note that sales is not a walk in the park and you need to love marketing to be successful. 

In Nigeria, no other company can be said to be more appreciative and concerned about the role and growth of a salesman/woman than Jiji Nigeria. Asides the chance of joining a committed and dedicated workforce who have disrupted the tech space to become the No.1 online marketplace in Nigeria, you get the chance to receive trainings designed to give you the character build and psychological edge to excel in your endeavors and field. 

Whoever said progress was a slow process had undoubtedly not been a part of the Jiji Nigeria sales team. Naomi Obodoh resumed at Jiji as a sales and acquisition representative in June 2016 and within the space of 10 months had grown to become a Sales team lead and is now a Key accounts Manager, officially pioneering acquisition and sales in the Port Harcourt region. 

In the words of Naomi, ‘Taking a look back, applying to work at Jiji is probably the best career decision I have made in my life. I had initially taken notice, with huge admiration, of Jiji’s exploits in the Nigerian market and my first encounter with the team during my interview left me in no doubt that this was an environment I wanted to further pursue my career. My rapid growth within the sales team, both as a person and position wise, is testament to the conducive, rewarding and well structured work environment available at Jiji’.

Campbell Iruedo, a team lead in the Jiji sales team, is proud to be a member of an organisation providing value to the lives of Nigerians all across the country. He said, ‘During my University days, in which I developed a keen interest for the internet and trade, I treasured the dream that I would one day have the chance to apply my enthusiasm in these fields at an organization contributing real world value; and Jiji provided the opportunity. I am living my dream and I cannot be any happier’.

Blessing Orji decided she wanted to join after the seamless experience she had while on the Jiji app. She stated, ‘I remember when I needed to buy a phone and I had searched everywhere but didn’t find a good price for the specific phone I needed. I then decided to download the Jiji app and with just a simple search, I found so many options at even much cheaper prices than I had expected. The ease of use and enjoyable experience made me eager to work for Jiji. I imagined that a company who paid so much attention to detail and to user experience will pay just as much attention to its employees. So far so good this has been the case.’ True to Blessing’s comment, many other Jiji users have only positive things to say about the Jiji app as seen below.

You too can be a part of the winning Jiji team. To join the Jiji sales team, forward your CV to with the subject ‘Application for Jiji Sales Agent –’ and get your your dream job now. Jiji has offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt so if you live in these cities you are welcome to apply!

Install free updated Jiji App now – and buy any goods easier, faster and cheaper!

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Nigeria’s No. 1 online marketplace.

Best of luck from the Jiji team!

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